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Ferry Building - Dark Chocolate - 3oz

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Built in the late 1800's, the Ferry Building withstood almost 150 years of constant use, benign neglect, and at least two huge earthquakes. But the Ferry Building is once again a proud San Francisco landmark. Ten years of planning restored approximately 16,500 square feet of mosaic and almost 140,000 tiles, replaced 19 missing or damaged arched windows, and restored the two-story, 660-foot-long Grand Nave. Light streams in upon a dynamic public marketplace, illuminating a beautiful building already infused with an illustrious past and the promise of a vital future. Our Ferry Building tin highlights the elegance of this historic building, set against the blue sky of San Francisco Bay. Our premium Dark Chocolate Drops are nestled inside a fitting homage to the gourmet mecca that the revitalized Ferry Building has become.(3.0oz)


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