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Cabernet/Merlot/Zinfandel - 3 Tin Chocolate Pairing Set

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Wine Lover's Chocolate Gift Set.   The three tins contain chocolate drops with three different cocoa levels. 55% Dark Chocolate drops, which pair wonderfully with the full-bodied nature of many Cabernet Sauvignon wines 58% Dark Chocolate drops, which perfectly complement the lush, fruity quality of many Merlot wines 72% Dark Chocolate drops, which blend flawlessly with the rich, powerful quality of many Zinfandel wines (9oz)


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1 Review

Wayne Hutton Jun 7th 2018


I've placed orders for the various wine pairing chocolates and sent them as gifts to special people or for very special occasions. Every recipient has marveled at the uniqueness of the gift. They love the chocolates and seeing how true the wine pairings are. It makes for a great experience for those you love or care about.

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