Wine Lover's - Tin Gift Set 6 Pack

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Gourmet Wine Lover's Chocolate Gift Set54/55/56/58/61/72% Cocoa.  The Wine Lover's Chocolate Collection is a distinctive and elegant offering from the San Francisco Chocolate Factory. Drops of dark chocolate with increasingly rich cocoa intensities are packaged in six signature tins; each 3.0 oz. tin is also labeled with the wine varietal to which that specific chocolate is ideally matched. At the light end of the spectrum are drops comprised of 54% cocoa solids and paired with Port wine. Most intense are the 72% drops, for which the suggested pairing is Zinfandel. Other classic red wine varietals - Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah - are represented in the Wine Lover's Collection as well. Our Collection is a wonderful way for people to experience the subtleties of wine and chocolate - and the delicious union of both - without a lot of pretension, making it perfect for dinner parties, gift-giving, or to simply savor at tin at a time. (18oz)

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